Mobile App Support

How to Use Your Mobile App

MPG Calculator

The MPG calculator lets you keep a running log of miles driven per tank of gas. You can record your current odometer reading, total cost, and amount purchased. If you use your cars trip counter, you can use Trip Miles field in instead of the Total Miles field. Enter the values in the form fields and press the “calculate” button. Press the “Save” button to save the values to the phone’s log. History can be viewed and shared via Email.

Where Did I Park?

This module marks a location on a map, to be used later when navigating back to your vehicle. It was designed for use in complicated parking lots like airports, amusement parks and shopping malls during the holiday season.

  1. Safely Park your car
  2. Choose “Where Did I Park” from the “More Options” menu
  3. A satellite image should appear. Press the “Set” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. A pin will drop, this is where you parked!
  5. Use the camera icon at the bottom to take a picture (useful if spaces are marked!)
  6. Use the notepad icon to make a note (ex. south side of parking garage 2nd floor)

Gas Prices

The “Gas Prices” module will show the closest gas stations sorted from lowest to highest price. If you tap the row, a map of the location will appear with links available to get driving directions.

QR Scanner

This module allows you to scan QR codes that are found on many vehicles. The scanner has a built in web browser so the user does not have to leave the dealership app to use this feature.

  1. From the “More Options” menu, tap the QR Scanner menu item
  2. Aim your phone at the QR code, Code will scan and take you to the web page
  3. Tap the “back” button to return to the Mobile App

Social Media

This feature allows you to keep in touch with your dealership via Social Media. Follow the menu item to show a list of Social Media sites the dealer participates in. Choose your favorite site and Like, Follow, Tweet, Post, etc.

Contact Us/Directions

When you choose the Contact Us / Directions menu you will be presented with the following options

  • Call us – select this row to dial the dealers phone number
  • Location – Provides a map and directions to the location
  • Website – Provides a convenient link to the dealership’s website
  • Email – Initiates an email message to the dealership
  • More Locations – If the dealer has more than one location, alternate locations are provided with the same functionality

Adding and Deleting Vehicles

Add a Vehicle

Tap the “My Car” icon from the home page, you will be presented with options to use your email and password, or to setup the vehicle manually.


  1. Enter the email address you used when enrolled in the loyalty program
  2. Enter the password provided
  3. If you do not know your password or need it reset, links are provided on screen


  1. Press “Manually Add Vehicles Using VIN”
  2. Add vehicle information. Note, Name and VIN are required fields, the other fields are suggested.
  3. Tap on the “>” icon to scan your vehicles VIN bar-code located inside the driver’s side door. Hold your phone sideways in order to better read the bar-code.

Delete a Vehicle

To delete a vehicle

  1. Go to My Car
  2. Choose the “Manage” option, upper right
  3. Swipe backwards on the vehicle name in the “My Car” screen.

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